Rosedale Bible Church

Associate Pastor Job Description

The Associate Pastor will have responsibilities for our youth and outreach ministries.  The position shall report directly to the Lead Pastor and be under the direction of the Elder Board. The Associate Pastor will be on the Elder board. The Associate Pastor shall be a well-trained professional, committed to Jesus Christ, the Body of Christ, the ministry of young people and their families and is responsible to champion the value of evangelism in the congregation.

Essential Job Function

1. Lead and organize various youth ministries and outreach programs.

  •  Provide regular training sessions for teachers and volunteers

  •  Have regular volunteer and teacher meetings for planning and programming.

  •  Work with the Discipleship Committee and Outreach Committee to identify and recruit potential volunteer youth workers for the youth program and volunteers for outreach.

  • Recruit, train, encourage and support lay people in the various ministries working with young people (Junior High), High School, and College).

2.   Support young people and young adults in planning and programming evening and

     weekend ministries.

  • Providing strong, in-depth bible teaching.

  • Work closely with the Discipleship Committee.

  • Develop a monthly, quarterly and yearly calendar of youth programs and events.

  • Help implement plans by ordering needed materials, scheduling speakers, handling setup details for events, etc…

  • Attend evening and weekend ministries.

  • Locate and use valuable resources like youth pastor websites, books, curricula relevant to youth ministry, as well as attend seminars & workshops.

3.    Provide for growth of youth groups.

  • Arrange for regular youth pastor visits to active, inactive and prospective young people and their families.

  • Develop effective publicity for youth activities through the church website, social media, newsletter, bulletin, and mailings. Work closely with the Digital Media Coordinator in using social media and the church website.

  • Research and schedule special events such as winter and summer camps, conferences, retreats, seminars, lock-ins, trips, etc…

  • Train young people and plan for special outreach to other teenagers within and without Rosedale Bible Church.

  • Locate resources to meet the needs of smaller groups in such areas as spiritual growth, Bible study, drama, personal and interpersonal growth.

  • Other service opportunities throughout the year to involve young people in ministering to others within and without Rosedale Bible Church, such as visiting the elderly, shut-ins, as well as service projects such as Bakersfield Rescue Mission, Bakersfield Homeless Center, etc…

  • Provide opportunities in reaching others with the gospel through local, short term mission trips and “long distance”, short term missions trips.

4. Work with the youth and education teams to coordinate youth ministry with the ministry of    

   the total Rosedale Bible Church.

  • Provide all committees with information regarding the youth ministry once per month in the all-committee chairperson meeting.

  • Offer ideas and personal input about future goals for Rosedale Bible Churches’ ministry with young people.

5.    Build relationships with the the parents of the youth group based on their needs.

  • Visit young people in their homes with their family and also attend extra-curricular events.

  • As necessary, provide resource seminars for parents based on their needs.

  • Call on young people and parents in pastoral-need situations such as sickness, hospitalization, crisis intervention, death and other situations in which teenagers may need help or support.

  • Meet with parents on a regular basis to communicate about the youth ministry calendar, volunteer needs, parental concerns, etc…

6. Help the congregation to live out the Great Commission by making disciples of all nations, starting with demonstrating and proclaiming the gospel to the unchurched right around us, in our extended families, neighbors and co-workers and also reaching the unreached abroad.

  • In conjunction with the Discipleship and Outreach committees, teach church members how to share the gospel. (evangelism and apologetics training)

  • Provide opportunities for the congregation in reaching others with the gospel through local, short term mission trips and “long distance”, short term missions trips.

  • Recruit, train, equip and develop leaders and volunteers and volunteers in outreach & missions ministry.

  • Connect with missions pastors and missions executives from other churches and organizations.

  • Work in conjunction with the Outreach and Discipleship committees in fulfilling our outreach and mission goals.

7.  Develop and coordinate efforts to help others in need.

  • Organize and lead outreach programs to serve the poor, serve the homeless, prison outreach, visiting and serving in nursing homes, etc…

8. Develop specific ministries that are unique to our members and our community.

9. Develop prayer support for missionaries, peoples, and nations.

10. Encourage new ideas and ministries that will stimulate the missions vision of the church.

11. Ensure active communication between missionaries and the church.

12. In partnership with the Outreach Committee, help guide the long range planning of the church missions program.

13. Identify, develop, and counsel potential missionaries in the church.

14. Serve on the Outreach Committee and work closely with the team and the chairperson.

Other Duties and Accountability:

1. Secure ministerial licensing with the Pacific District Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches.

2.   Function as a member of the church’s pastoral staff performing baptism services, weddings, funerals, etc. when requested by the Senior Pastor.

3. Preach as requested by the Lead Pastor (with opportunities depending on demonstrated ability).

4. Participate in weekly staff meetings, various ad hoc and standing ministry team meetings,  and retreats.

5. The associate pastor will be evaluated annually by the Lead Pastor and the Elders.

6. Perform other duties as assigned from time to time.

To apply please contact our search team chair, Jim Wanke at