Where is Your Focus?

Fellow Rosedalians,

As the Easter season is upon us and we are nailing down our plans for Resurrection week, I am reminded of why the resurrection is the most important event we as Christians celebrate. With out the resurrection we don’t have the promise of a life with Christ. We don’t have a Christ who does what He said He came to do.  We don’t have the hope of a risen Savior. 

I say all this because I have been doing a lot more reading these last few months. The most recent book I finished is called: Jesus>Religion by Jefferson Bethke. As the title suggests, it is about why He is so much better than trying harder, doing more and being good enough. This book was a great read and it definitely made me think a lot harder than I usually would want to. Jefferson uses chapter titles like Religion is the means to get something from God/ If we seek Jesus we get God. Also a chapter titled, Religion says “God will love you if…”/ Jesus says, “God so loved…” The entire book points toward Jesus and how we as Christians sometimes lose sight as to what our real purpose is. We are to love and follow Jesus with everything we have and everything we are because He died and rose again three days later to make sure our sins were paid for.  Can you Imagine what it would be like if you had every sin of the world upon you? Jesus did that for us and He was the only person worthy of paying for them. Why do we forget that? Why do we think we can do it better than Him?  Why do we forget that He fulfilled every promise He made? Including His promise to defeat death?

Sometimes we are too focused on how we can make things better for ourselves. Sometimes we forget that He has the perfect plan for our lives already laid out in front of us. We just need to stay focused on Him and trust in Him. We don’t need to add anything. He doesn’t need our input. Focus on the God of the universe and His grace that saved us on the cross.  Focus on His promise that he would conquer death.  Jesus is worthy of our obedience. In fact He is the only One who is.

 In a couple weeks we will be celebrating Holy week and we have activities planned as a church and with our families.  I encourage you to take the time to really focus on what this season is about. I know I need to.

In Him,

Pastor Marcus

Marcus VidalComment